About Us

Lambano Options Limited is a fully Nigerian owned oil and gas service company. Our primary focus is to employ our specialized, technical expertise and motivate our team of professionals in contributing positively to the Nigerian Petroleum and Energy main industry in particular and West Africa in general.

We are a powerhouse of technology, creativity and expertise.

We possess unrivalled problem solving proficiency and acumen in the Petroleum industry. The depth and variety of oil industry knowledge, experience and expertise available within Lambano Options Limited and Principals lends credence to the earlier assertions.

The company is led by a team of seasoned oil industry professionals combined hands-on and top management experience in all phases of the upstream oil and gas industry in Petroleum, Mechanical, Production Engineering and Materials Procurement services backgrounds.

This is in addition to a wealth of experience and technology of our affiliates and technical partners.

Lambano Options Limited aims to be a force and significant player across the entire value chain of the oil & gas industry in Nigeria specifically, and West Africa in general.

We are poised to deliver solutions to our client's technical problems and provide project management services as needed.

Lambano Options Limited culture is one of focused, innovative and entrepreneurial management, which brings effective services to our customers, through communicative teamwork, combined with efficient business and information technology systems.

We are duly registered with the various regulatory bodies in Nigeria.


Consultancy firms range from those that offer end-to-end solutions to smaller or more niche firms that offer specialist expertise and skills in certain industry areas.

Management Consultants
Real Estate
Oil & Gas


lambano facilitators are skilled professional who guides and manages group discussions, workshops, and problem-solving sessions to enhance collaboration and help clients achieve their goals.

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